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Watch this video and you will see that the strange story of the brazen daytime raid on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid last month keeps getting stranger.

Last week, El Pais, Spain’s leading newspaper, reported unnamed sources as saying two of the suspects were connected to the CIA, a charge that an unnamed source has denied to the Washington Post.

Now, the Post reports the militants responsible for the attack have made contact with the American FBI, which seems odd. They’re under investigation in Spain so they contact law enforcement in America?

What gives? The Post notes the obvious problem.

Any substantive ties between the group and U.S. authorities could complicate the nuclear negotiations given the organization’s stated mission of overthrowing and replacing North Korea’s Kim dynasty. The secretive group calls itself Free Joseon, but is also known as Cheollima Civil Defense.

The Post account suggests, but does not assert, that the purpose of invading the Embassy might have been to make the following video in which someone smashes two portraits of supreme leader Kim Jong-Un, a capital crime in North Korea.

Is this a provocation to disrupt the nuclear talks? Are the CIA’s denials of involvement credible? What does the CIA know about Free Joseon?

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