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Blair and Bush

How MI6 Cultivated British Media on Iraq’s Non-Existent WMD

From Declassified U.K. In an article for the New Statesman published four years after the invasion, Rose wrote in detail about how he (and other newspaper journalists) had long been cultivated by MI6. In an article which pays revisiting, he wrote:“To my everlasting regret, I strongly supported the Iraq invasion, in person and in print....


EE.UU: Agencia Central de Inteligencia (CIA)

De las principales agencias de inteligencia mundial Translation In English: History of the CIA Más grande del mundo El servicio de inteligencia más grande el mundo, la CIA asesora el presidente a través de un boletín diario y al Consejo Nacional de Seguridad y ejecuta operaciones clandestinas fuera de los Estados Unidos. Estas actividades incluyen:...


Do We Need Spies? For Counterproliferation, Yes

One of the most important–and least controversial–missions for the CIA and other intelligence agencies is counteproliferation: the detection and disruption networks of people seeking to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Defense One reports Slovenia and other small European countries are offering help to develop counterproliferation technology.