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Did Trump Just Kill a $122 Billion Company?

Did Trump Just Kill a $122 Billion Company?

The Chinese telecom is worth more than $120 billion. But for how long? Western intelligence agencies say Huawei will inevitably act in the interests of China’s intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security. Now sanctions imposed by the Trump administration will effectively cut off Huawei from the world’s semi-conductor market. Without the basic components of...


Trump Administration Rehabilitates the MEK, Pro-Saddam Iranians 

In Iran, the organization known as the Mujaheddin-e Khalq (MEK), is “understood to be widely reviled inside Iran as a leftist Islamist cult that sided with Saddam Hussein during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war,” writes diplomatic correspondent Barbarba Slavin. The Iran-Iraq war resulted in the deaths of  a million Iranians, so the MEK is understandably unpopular....

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