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Bellingcat: The Implausible ‘False Flag’ Theory About a Syrian Chemical Attack

Last year I reviewed the evidence of the chemical attack in Douma, Syria and came away unconvinced by the “false flag” scenario advanced by some critics of U.S. policy. While the U.S. is known to mount “false flag” operations, the evidence from Douma does not support the claim that an attack was staged to blame...

Syria chemical attack

False Flag Watch: Leaked OPCW Memo Questions Syria Chemical Attack

A leaked memo about a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria in April 2018 differs from the official finding of the UN chemical inspections watchdog that the government of Bashar al-Assad was responsible. The sixteen-page document does not refute the official UN finding, published in March, that there were “reasonable grounds” to believe, that the...

Igor Korobov GRU

Russian Spy Chief Dies: Hacked the 2016 Election and Bungled an Assassination Plot

Perhaps it was true, as Russian Defense Ministry said,  that Russian spymaster Igor Korobov  died “after a lengthy and grave illness.” Korobov, 63, had served as chief of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate GRU for since 2016. When last seen in public he displayed the fit figure of a career military man. It would be equally accurate...