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Yevgeny Prigozhin

Peace Data and Prigozhin’s Service to Putin

Some journalists on the left like Aaron Mate and Dan Lazare tell me that the charges of Russian interference in U.S. politics are a “hoax” or “don’t really matter.” While I share their opposition to a new Cold War with Russia,  that does not require averting one’s eyes from the record of Yevgeny Prigozhin, international...

Official Secrets

Keira Knightley Plays a British Whistleblower in ‘Dirty Tricks’ 

The catastrophically misguided U.S. invasion of Iraq still reverberates in our lives today. The destruction of Saddam Hussein’s government created space for the global jihadist movement to flourish. It also created democratic space for Iraq’s Shiite majority and their Iranian supporters. Trump’s confrontation with Iran today can be seen as a rearguard action to take...

Barbara Starr of CNN

CNN Regurgitates Bolton’s Overblown Claims About the Threat of Iran

After John Bolton issued a statement on May 5 about “troubling and escalatory indications” from Iran, Americans have heard a barrage of reports from reputable news organizations echoing charges about Iran’s “troubling” actions. Now U.S. aircraft carriers are said to on the move while Saudi Arabia reporters its oil tankers have supposedly been sabotaged. It’s...