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Could the Death of the National Security State be the Silver Lining of COVID-19?

[This article was first published in a wise magazine called Counterpunch. Subscribe here.] Could something good come from the catastrophe of COVID-19? Might the epic insecurity of a plague teach us something about national security? Political scientist Micah Zenko calls the current pandemic “the worst intelligence failure in U.S. history.” Former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman...

Trump at Bush funeral

Impeachment and the National Security Status Quo

Writing in the Tom Dispatch blog, Andrew Bacevich, former military officer, captures something missing from today’s political reporting: historical perspective. “Removing from office a vulgar, dishonest, and utterly incompetent president comes nowhere close to capturing what’s going on here.” He asks asks a key questions  about popular response to the politics of impeachment. “How do...