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Maria Butina

The Six Worst Spies of 2018

It was a banner year for bad spies.  The ideal covert operation, a CIA man once said, remains secret “from conception to eternity.” So too with the ideal spy. The true artists of espionage are those who are never detected or are detected too late to be harmed, humiliated, prosecuted or persecuted. The most famous...


AP Confirms Bellingcat: Russian Suspect in UK Poisoning, Is Hero to His Home Village

“Alexander Petrov,” a Russian man accused of an assassination attempt in England,  is actually a decorated GRU officer named Alexander Mishkin. The story, first reported by Bellingcat, the crowd-sourced investigative site, and The Insider, a Moscow-based news site, has now been confirmed. AP reporter Nataliya Vasilyeva went to Mishkin’s home town and discovered it was...