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New Gina Haspel Cable Discloses Her Mistake on Torture

The National Security Archive has obtained new details about the torture tactics of CIA director Gina Haspel and her mistaken belief that extreme measures were necessary. The key document comes from November 2002, a little more than a year after 9/11 attacks. Top CIA officials feared another attack was coming.  Haspel was running a “black site” in...


Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance: ‘The Hallmarks of a Rendition’

The disappeared Saudi dissident was kidnapped, says one former U.S. official quoted by the Washington Post. The arrival and rapid departure of a Saudi security team “bore the hallmarks of a “rendition,” the official said. Khashoggi got the same treatment as terror suspects renditioned by the United states,(although the U.S. does not usually kill and dismember...


U.S. Charges Russian GRU Officers with International Hacking and Related Influence and Disinformation Operations 

A grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania has indicted seven defendants, all officers in the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), a military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, for computer hacking, wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering. Source: U.S. Charges Russian GRU Officers...