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More 2020 Democrats on War and Peace

We’ve filled out our Insider’s Guide to the 2020 Democrats on War and Peace. All of 17 candidates, announced and unannounced, are now profiled with excerpts of their views on issues ranging from Russia to Venezuela, from nuclear decision to border security. Check out the views of Governor Jay Inslee, Reps. Tim Ryan and Eric...

Trump Gives 2020 Democrats a National Security ‘Opportunity,’ Says Rep. Moulton

Trump Gives 2020 Democrats a National Security ‘Opportunity,’ Says Rep. Moulton

Rep. Seth Moulton, a Massachusetts congressman and a former Marine, is contemplating a run for the presidency. He says national security and military issues are at the center of his message. He insists Trump’s handling of issues of war and peace gives an opening to Democrats in the 2020 election. “I recognize that the polling...

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What Mueller’s Inquiry Means For the Next President

British journalist Jonathan Cook, who writes from Israel/Palestine, draws three lessons from the Mueller investigation, which he calls “an in-house squabble between different wings of the establishment.”  That’s a bit glib. It wasn’t a squabble–which is something petty–but it was–and is–a power struggle between two power centers in Washington, the White House and the secret...

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