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Troubled Trump Threatens More FISA Disclosures

Amid damaging revelations from the guilty plea of his former personal lawyer,  President Trump  responded with a threat to reveal information about the special prosecutor’s investigation. Such bluster is a familiar Trump tactic. The right-wing The Daily Caller picked up on Trump’s intentions a couple of weeks ago. “Declassification, we’re looking at very seriously,” Trump told reporters...

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Documents Show Obama’s CIA Intercepted Emails About Whistleblowers

The leftist Consortium News and the rightist Daily Caller are  on the same page about the findings of  the whistleblower investigation of Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). This week Grassley obtained CIA documents that show Charles McCullough III, who served as the Intelligence Community’s watchdog, informed Congress in 2014 that “routine counterintelligence” enabled the CIA’s security division to read...

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What is the Terrorist Threat to the United States Today?

The New American Foundation, a reliable centrist source on national security, parses 20 years of data. the attacks are not national catastrophes of the type the United States experienced on 9/11. Instead the death toll has been quite similar to other forms of political—and even non-political—violence Americans face today. The data suggests America’s fast growing ...

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Tale of the Khashoggi Tape

Our ongoing reality show about Jamal Khashoggi might called,  Law & Order: Special Assassination Unit. In this daily drama, law enforcement officials investigate a tough to crack case of extra-judicial political homicide In the current episode we are watching as the cops gather at the crime scene, and ask, Where is the evidence? Meanwhile, on the...