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Skyfall Missle Site Russia
The Skyfall Missile site as seen in satellite imagery analyzed by the Middlebury Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

They call it to call it a “flying Chernobyl.

It is a Russian cruise missile, known as Skyfall, that is powered, not by rocket fuel, but by a nuclear reactor.

The world is paying attention to this proliferation threat.

“Using a nuclear reactor would, in principle, give the cruise missile unlimited range to fly under and around US missile defense radars and interceptors,” according to researcher Jeffrey Lewis, a weapons expert at the Middlebury Institute who reviewed the images.

There are “substantial questions, however, about whether the system can be made to work successfully, to say nothing of the threat that testing this system may pose to the environment and human health,” he added.

Source: New satellite images show Russia may be preparing to test nuclear powered ‘Skyfall’ missile – CNNPolitics

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