North Korea assassins
North Korean assassins
Two women were charged with murdering Kim Jong-nam, a rival of North Korean leaders Kim Jong-un. (Credit: Double Exposure)

The spectacularly brazen murder of King Jong-nam happened in broad daylight, filmed entirely by security cameras. Footage showed two young women approaching Jong-nam from behind, covering his eyes with their hands, and pressing VX—the most lethal nerve gas on earth—into his eyes. He stumbled away and was dead within an hour.

The documentary film, Assassins, premiering online on October 14, recounts the story. You can watch it here.

But if the murder was extreme, the story that came next was even more bizarre: The two women who killed Jong-nam claimed they had simply been hired to pull a video prank and had no idea what they were really doing.

The Malaysian government scoffed, arrested and imprisoned the women and put them on trial for murder, facing execution. But was their outlandish story actually the truth? And would anyone believe them?

Source: Assassins | Welcome to Double Exposure