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Mohammed bin Salman, prince of war.

Under President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the long-standing U.S.-Saudi relationship, lubricated by oil and weapons sales, has degenerated into a gangsterly alliance in which MBS feels free to intimidate his rivals and critics while Jared Kushner pursues business deals.

Case in point: former Saudi intelligence chief Saad Aljabri. He was the head of Saudi’s General Intelligence Presidency until he had a falling out with boss. Now he has filed a lawsuit saying MBS is trying to assassinate him.

The British daily, Guardian, reported Sunday that the former spy chief had talked to former CIA director, John Brennan, in July and August of 2015. In these conversations, Brennan expressed concern that MBS, then Saudi defense minister and third in line to the throne, was encouraging the Russians to intervene in Syria, at a time when Russia was not yet a party to the war. Aljabri said MBS responded with fury when he passed on Brennan’s message and it cost him his job. He fled Saudi Arabia immediately.

Source: MBS encouraged Russia to intervene in Syria, former Saudi intelligence official says | Daily Sabah

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