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Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who was forced to resign after Ignatius’ column. (Credit: CBS News)

So here’s how the a bogus story gets traction.

Michael Flynn is the disgraced former National Security Adviser who lasted a mere 24 days in the job. A former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn had taken money from the Russian and Turkish governments without disclosing the payments as required by the U.S. law and the Defense Department. Flynn was then caught lying about conversations with the Russian ambassador. He then lied to investigators and was caught again. Ultimately he pleaded guilty to making false statements.

Now Flynn has changed his mind and wants to withdraw his guilty plea. To win sympathy his new lawyer Sidney Powell portrays him a “deep state” investigator. It’s a fact-free fantasy but that’s no obstacle to the news.

Powell made the charge on a local radio station, which was covered by the Washington Examiner, whose stories get picked up by Trump and Fox News. 

Powell offered no evidence during the interview to support the claim, but her comments echo the findings of investigative journalist Lee Smith, the author of The Plot Against the President. During a November interview on Maria Bartiromo’s Insiders on Fox Nation along with Powell, Smith said Flynn was scrutinizing possible misconduct by the U.S. intelligence community. “In addition to Gen. Flynn’s name being cleared, I hope that his initiative to get to the bottom of what these people were doing — to audit the intelligence community … that’s something else we need to look at again,” Smith said. “As well, his initiative to clean out the deep state.”

Source: Michael Flynn lawyer says client was prepared to ‘audit’ Obama spy officials before getting ‘set up’

To repeat the tedious facts: Flynn is an admitted and convicted criminal and there is zero evidence that he ever sought to investigate the intelligence community.

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