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That’s the question raised by a report from the pro-Israel, pro-annexation Brooklyn-based The Jewish Press.

The story might be an indicator that the Israelis want to replace the current Palestinian leadership with Palestinians more compliant with Israel’s expansionist ambitions.

Some aspects of the story are confirmable. It is true that Haspel paid a visit to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in connection with President Trump’s peace plan. It is also true that the Palestinians have rejected the plan, displeasing Israeli officials and the Trump administration. And it is true that the CIA has a working relationship with the Palestinian security forces. The former chief of those forces, Mohammed Dahlan worked closely with the CIA during the Bush administration, according to the Wall Street Journal.

So it seems possible that Israel wanted Haspel to pressure Abbas.

The secret visit last week by CIA chief Gina Haspel to Ramallah is perceived as a move which was intended to make it clear to Abbas that he is leaving office and to ensure his descent from the stage in an orderly manner, enabling him to preserve his “legacy” and being registered in history as not “selling Jerusalem” and not agreeing to concessions.

Source: Analysis: Is the Deal of the Century a US Impeachment of Abbas? | The Jewish Press –

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