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Russia's FSB
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If you’re not familiar with it, ProtonMail is a free encrypted email service, meaning if third parties intercept your email they can’t read it.

Now the FSB, Russia’s equivalent of the FBI, has banned it. The recent bomb scares are big news in Russia. So is the government’s effort to ban a private communication channel used by critics of the Putin regime.

The FSB security service said Russia acted against Geneva-based ProtonMail after blocking another social network, Netherlands-based Smartmail, for the same reason last week. ProtonMail, a free encrypted email service, was used to send messages falsely claiming bombs had been planted in more than 800 public places in four regions, the FSB said. “We have received reports that ProtonMail and ProtonVPN are currently partially blocked in Russia,” a spokesperson for the Geneva-based provider said. “We are reaching out to the appropriate authorities to get the block lifted as soon as possible.”

Source: Russia Blocks Swiss-based ProtonMail Over Wave of Bomb Threats | SecurityWeek.Com