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Black Vault

This item comes from Russ Kick, veteran transparency activist who runs the AltGov2 web site.

Kick noticed some unusual pages in a batch of new MK-ULTRA documents posted by the Black Vault earlier this year. (MK-ULTRA was a CIA program that sought to exploit drugs and hypnosis to control behavior.)

Kick traced the origins of the documents and concluded they came from a U.S. government database unknown to Freedom of Information Act users. More than one requester has received such records, leading to the obvious question. What’s in the database?

Kick says.

It contains a vast array of documents. The fact that it’s referred to as a “TOP SECRET system” means that it contains documents at all three levels of classification: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. The text on each page says the unnamed system processes “data with multiple SCI [sensitive compartmented information] compartments and handling caveats.” The release to The Black Vault shows that it also contains declassified documents, and the release to the Federation of American Scientists shows that it houses unclassified documents. A one-stop shop.

Why it matters?

The 17 secret intelligence agencies of the U.S. government operate in secrecy, largely beyond the view of Congress and the public. This database may hold information that the government does not want the public to know about.

If we know about its existence, we may be able to locate it and force disclosure.

Source: Accidentally Released Pages Reveal a Huge Intelligence-Documents System – AltGov 2


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