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The Pentagon has requested nearly $23 billion for the Military Intelligence Program in fiscal year 2020. Besides the overall spending figure, the rest of the budget is secret. In general, it will support U.S. military intervention in Africa, Middle East, Latin American, and Asia.

Intelligence budget
Intelligence budget continues to grow (Credit: Creative Commons)

A 2016 Congressional Research Service report says the MIP represents “defense intelligence activities intended to support tactical military operations and priorities,” including “tactical-level systems, people and activities” for the Pentagon and services as they work on intelligence gathering.

According to Defense News, the black budget for intelligence has

steadily increased since 2015, with the Pentagon receiving $17.7 billion in FY16, $18.5 billion in FY17 and $21.1 billion in FY18. While it has not released the enacted amount of FY19, the department requested $21.2 billion for that fiscal year.

President Trump is winding down U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Syria but the intelligence budget is ramping upward.


Source: DoD requests almost $23B for key intel account

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