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Turkey’s autocratic president Recep Erdogan has a two track mind.

Erdogan proclaims he is fighting (Kurdish) terrorism and while his government empowers ISIS to advance his geopolitical agenda.

New details emerge in this detailed (but uncorroborated) report in The Investigative Journal.

Citing wiretap evidence collected in investigation of the 2015 Ankara train station bombing, author Abdullah Bozkurtsays Turkey facilitated the passage of ISIS militants into Syria.

Bozkurt, president of the Stockholm Center for Peace, an anti-Erdogan human rights group, says the Turkish president sympathizes with ISIS and that Turkey’s intelligence service is involved.

Wiretap evidence suggests Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT), the body responsible for collecting intelligence on threats from internal and external sources, may also be aiding Erdoğan’s policy to empower jihadists in Turkey and abroad.

Last month, I reported that NBA star Enes Kanter says Erdogan’s security forces are personally threatening to him.

Source: Wiretaps Expose Turkey’s Support of Terrorists Entering Syria – The Investigative Journal

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