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Conspiracy theories seek to explain the workings of hidden power. Because there is lots of hidden power in this country and the world, we have lots of conspiratorial thinking.

Which gives us both Alex Jones lunacy and the finest of art.

Wayne Gonzales’ two oversized neon paintings of JFK’s accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and his own killer, Jack Ruby, open the exhibition. (Hyperallergic) 

Spiraling through nearly five decades of American history, this show weaves together a web of controversy netting almost every major assassination and scandal up until President Donald Trump’s 2016 election. Focused on conspiracy as a visual motif, curators Doug Eklund and Ian Alteveer have amassed a collection of works that run the gamut from straightforward documentary photography to abstract expressions of global angst.

Source: Connecting the Dots in the Met Breuer’s Show About Conspiracy Theories